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“BIRTH” (CD + Digital Download)

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BIRTH (CD + Digital Download ed.)
CD + Direct download with link and activation code.
Three files formats: Mp3, Wave, SaCD

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Here you can buy an Out Of The Edge CD + Digital Download!
BIRTH (Bundle Edition – 5 Tracks)

The box includes the official CD-AUDIO.
After complete the purchase of this product you’ll receive on your e-mail a LINK with a personal CODE to download a digital personal copy of 5 songs in 3 different formats:

– MP3 (high quality with metatag, great for every player and smartphone)
– WAVE (the same quality of CD: 44.100hz/16bit)
– WAVE SACD (more then a standard CD: SuperAudioCD 48.000hz/24bit)

You’ll receive also this code printed on a special card inside your box.
Enjoy our productions with the best quality!



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